Technical Research

5 years of applied research have been conducted to date with a team of mixed academic and commercial experts. This has resulted in the Geo-Engine; a machine optimised to generate energy from a previously wasted geothermal resources. Our research, designs and patents represent a way to either clean up hydrocarbon production or to produce hydrogen from abandoned hydrocarbon reserves in a closed loop emission free process.

NetZero energy produced by Geo-Engines can be used to sequester CO2, power gas cleaning plants, compress gas for LNG transportation, and produce hydrogen through electrolysis.

The world’s carbon budget is finite and running out fast; we need a rapid transition to net zero. BP


Today, natural gas – the cleanest-burning hydrocarbon – makes up more than half of our production. We believe it will be vital to building a sustainable energy future, especially in power generation, where it produces around half the CO2 and just one-tenth the air pollutants that coal does. Shell


Chevron has a long history of investing in ever-cleaner energy through our internal research and collaboration with governments, businesses and universities. Today, we aim to find more reliable, affordable and lower-carbon solutions that scale. Chevron


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Titan Electricity is committed to providing geothermal technology to reduce energy waste, power geological sequestration and generate green hydrogen

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