Exploring new frontiers in Geothermal energy

Titan’s Geo-EngineTM

We have designed Geo-Engines to work not just with clean unconventional geothermal power sources, like high-pressure, high-temperature methane wells but also with dirty, chemically aggressive multiphase geothermal power sources like acid/sour natural gas and induced geothermal phases created using our carbon and emission free Thermogenesis process.

At 8MW per Geo-Engine constant energy is available to power the geological sequestration of CO2, feed local energy grids or create hydrogen via electrolysis. In all scenarios that the Geo-Engine can operate in, the entire process is net zero.

The Challenges

Methane and hydrogen are widely accepted to be useful molecular energy resources in the worlds transition to net zero. However, production, cleaning, processing and movement of these important energy sources all have their own variable, but still present, carbon footprints. Geo-Engine generated net zero energy from unconventional2 geothermal resources can reduce these carbon footprints by powering processes that conventionally require carbon heavy energy. These include geological sequestration of CO2, Methane compression to LNG, steam or electrolysis generation of hydrogen and other associated processes.

Our Thermogenesis process adds a new induced geothermal power source to this remediation and carbon reduction but is best suited to green hydrogen production.

Geo-EngineTM Innovation

We have invented and designed an integratable, portable, geothermal electricity generation sled that can be fitted at the wellhead to produce geothermal power from the raw uncleaned gas flow. Using off the shelf equipment an average 10 wellhead field, processing 1 billion cubic feet of gas per day can produce between 40-80 MW depending on the field variables.

40-80 MW of carbon free energy could be used to sequester carbon rather than venting it, power the cleaning plant and compress the cleaned natural gas for LNG transportation, if required. Our research and designs represent a way to help clean up one of the dirtiest hydrocarbon resources on the planet but can also be used on sweet gas production plants to power production, pumping and feed geothermal energy into the local grid.

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