Geo-Engines™ 101: How Titan’s Clean Energy Technology Moves the Natural Gas Industry Toward Net Zero

As the world comes to terms with more ambitious action required to address climate change, clean energy is now a strategic priority for virtually every nation on earth. A new report from UN Climate Change shows that while countries are “bending the curve of global greenhouse gas emissions downward” these efforts lag the rapid pace science says is necessary to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of the century. 

With the need to reduce carbon emissions and to clean hydrocarbon energy generation, natural gas is unanimously agreed to as the best transition fuel to help countries sprint forward on climate action plans. For generations, gas producers have relied on bountiful supplies of natural gas out of the well ready for use, but times are changing.

These sweet gas reserves are running low or have been depleted, and energy companies and countries are increasingly making the difficult decision to produce from more polluted gas reserves just to keep the lights on and ensure National energy security. The significant pollutant in these new gas reserves is carbon dioxide (CO2), which must be separated at great energy cost to the producer. The energy cost is even greater if, as is increasingly the case, the CO2 is captured and stored (sequestered) to meet National emission commitments. 

Advanced Geothermal Technology for Net Zero Emission

Titan Electricity (Titan) envisioned years ago that the natural gas and power generation market would be forced to move and set about trying to solve the problem before it worsened. Six years of applied research have been conducted to date with a team of mixed academic and commercial experts, resulting in the development of the Geo-Engine: a power generation machine optimized to generate energy from previously wasted geothermal resources. 

Titan’s research, designs, and patents represent an effective way for the Geo-Engine to either clean hydrocarbon production or produce hydrogen through electrolysis from thermally significant hydrocarbon reserves. The innovative geothermal technology generates net zero power to sequester all CO2 related to hydrogen or methane production.

Gas companies using the new Geo-Engine can cut onsite CO2 emission to zero, help improve energy security, and break the reliance on coal and oil for countries struggling to meet their CO2 emission and air quality pledges.

Exploring New Frontiers in Geothermal Energy

Titan harvests geothermal energy using their Geo-Engine technology at the natural gas wellhead. This new inline power generation technology provides geothermal energy that is available for use by field operators to refine natural gas. During this process, the CO2 is separated out and sequestered underground using the geothermal energy recovered from the natural gas flow.

Reducing CO2 emission at source has two key benefits: it prevents the venting of CO2 into the atmosphere — reducing greenhouse gas emissions — and provides much-needed CO2 burial for Governments to meet their carbon reduction targets. 

Geo-Engine Innovation for Sweet and Sour Gas Flows 

Titan has invented and designed a portable geothermal electricity generation sled that can be fitted at the wellhead to produce geothermal power from the raw uncleaned gas flow. At 8 MW per Geo-Engine, constant energy is available to power the geological sequestration of CO2, feed local energy grids or create hydrogen via electrolysis. In all scenarios that the Geo-Engine can operate in, the entire process is net zero. 

Using off-the-shelf equipment, an average 10 wellhead field processing 1 billion cubic feet of gas per day can produce between 40-80 megawatts depending on field variables.

At that rate, 40-80 MW of carbon-free energy could be used to sequester CO2 rather than venting it, power the cleaning plant, or compress the natural gas for LNG transportation, if required. Titan’s research and designs represent an innovative way to clean up some of the dirtiest hydrocarbon resources on the planet or be used on sweet gas production plants to power production, pumping and feeding geothermal energy into the local grid. 

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The world needs reliable, affordable, and lower-carbon solutions that scale. Titan’s Geo-Engine technology is a viable and shelf-ready net zero solution worth consideration for helping the decarbonization of the planet.   

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