Titan’s Goals are Simple

We believe that through the application of creative intelligence and a willingness to embrace change there are no problems affecting our World that cannot be solved for the benefit of Humankind, Industry and the Environment.

Mission Statement

With the world coming to terms with the need to reduce carbon emissions and to clean up hydrocarbon energy generation, natural gas is unanimously agreed to be the best transition fuel. For generations gas producers have relied on bountiful supplies of gas that comes out of the well ready for use, but things are changing.

These reserves are running down or have run out and energy companies and countries are increasingly making the tough decision to produce from more polluted gas reserves just to keep the lights on and ensure National energy security. The significant pollutant in these new gas reserves is CO2, which has to be separated out at a great energy cost to the producer. The energy cost is even greater if, as is increasingly the case, that the CO2 is sequestered, to meet National emission commitments.

We envisioned years ago where the natural gas and power generation market would be forced to move and set about trying to solve the problem before it gets too big. Geo-EnginesTM generate net zero energy for gas cleaning, CO2 sequestration and domestic energy supply. Gas companies using our new Geo-EngineTM can cut onsite CO2 emissions to net zero, help improve the energy security and break the reliance on Coal and Oil that is seeing countries struggling to meet their CO2 emission and air quality pledges.

Engineered for Profit

Titan Electricity generates power using their Geo-EngineTM technology at the sour gas wellhead. This new inline power generation technology provides energy that is available for us by the utility. CO2 is filtered out during this process and made available for sequestering back into the field. Reducing CO2 emission at source has two key benefits , it prevents venting of CO2 into the atmosphere – reducing greenhouse gas emissions,  and provides much needed CO2 recovery for Governments to meet their reduction targets.

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Titan Electricity is working with research and innovation partners in Europe, North America and Asia.

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