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Titan’s Geo-EngineTM

In order for the Natural Gas Industry to support its position as the dominant fuel for world energy demands over the next 30 years innovative technology must be used to decarbonise production and reduce CO2 emissions. Titan’s geothermal Geo-EngineTM technology provides a net zero energy supply for CO2 reduction.

Titan Electricity provides a new opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions from upstream natural gas facilities and deliver four key benefits to the producer.

By powering the sequestration of CO2 captured during natural gas refining we prevent CO2 venting and eliminate emissions.

The Challenge

Acid/Sour gas is the most abundant natural gas energy resource on the planet, making up 60% of all conventional natural gas reserves. This contaminated gas will dominate all future gas discoveries and developments.

However, this natural gas source is heavily contaminated with variable amounts of highly acidic CO2 and H2S. To be commercially acceptable these contaminants must be refined in a sweetening plant. The production of sour gases is commonly associated with very high pressure and higher than normal temperatures.

Despite these challenges, it is still a commercially attractive resource, which over time will be completely extracted. The H2S has a commercial value for its sulphur content, although the market value is falling as production rises worldwide. The CO2 commonly has no commercial value and is often vented into the atmosphere. Some fields contain close to 90% CO2, so this resource can if the CO2 is vented have a heavy carbon footprint even before its own final combustion or conversion into blue Hydrogen.

Geo-EngineTM Innovation

We have invented and designed an integratable, portable, geothermal electricity generation sled that can be fitted at the wellhead to produce geothermal power from the raw uncleaned gas flow. Using off the shelf equipment an average 10 wellhead field, processing 1 billion cubic feet of gas per day can produce between 40-80 MW depending on the field variables.

40-80 MW of carbon free energy could be used to sequester carbon rather than venting it, power the cleaning plant and compress the cleaned natural gas for LNG transportation, if required. Our research and designs represent a way to help clean up one of the dirtiest hydrocarbon resources on the planet but can also be used on sweet gas production plants to power production, pumping and feed geothermal energy into the local grid.

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